The Republicans will be fine

The Republican “strategy” on the current self-inflicted looming debt crisis is basically to constantly sabotage themselves and eventually the nation as a whole. Either they will eventually just totally lose, completely, or they’ll somehow manage, through nihilism and intransigence, to pull out a deeply unpopular “victory” that will end up hurting the already crappy economy. So, basically, everyone agrees that they’re idiots and they’re screwing themselves. Even people who think the GOP’s “let’s be very loudly irresponsible and then lose horribly” strategy is more canny than it looks agree that it hurts the “national brand” of the party and will likely lead to them becoming a permanent minority party.I think, though, that regardless of how completely lost the Republican party is — and they are well and truly lost, and not currently “negotiating” with anything resembling a coherent plan or unified voice — they will emerge from the current mess unscathed.Continue Reading…

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The Republicans will be fine

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