The side effects of “Side Effects”

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On Friday, audiences will get to check out “Side Effects,” a movie so convoluted that late-coming critics were booted from screenings, as they wouldn’t be able to follow the plot. Without spoiling the movie — or blowing our own minds — we can briefly summarize Steven Soderbergh’s final film: Rooney Mara’s character, depressed to an incapacitating degree, is dosed with some SSRIs that cheer her up — a bit. They also cause her to sleepwalk, and it’s within the realm of possibility that she committed the horrific crime at the film’s center while zonked out on a fictional drug, “Ablixa,” prescribed by a doctor (Jude Law) looking to make a quick buck trying new drugs for Big Pharma.

“Everything is accurate in terms of what has gone on and what may be going on,” said Sasha Bardey, the medical adviser to the film and a forensic psychiatrist. “As certain medications have gone through the various phases of study, one of the final phases is that it’s tried in a clinical setting. The psychiatrist can be reimbursed — and even paid a fee.”

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The side effects of “Side Effects”

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