Three-quarters of Americans distrust the government

617cfewer americans than ever trust the government Three quarters of Americans distrust the government

At its highest point, which occurred during President Obama’sfirst term, 80 percent of Americans lacked faith in the federalgovernment. While former President George W. Bush fared slightlybetter, his administration witnessed a steady decline in trust thatbegan in 2002, according to the new data from the Pew ResearchCenter.The data, which was collected from a survey conducted inJanuary, shows that all demographics and political groups have seena rise in government distrust.“However, there are disparities. More than twice as manyHispanics as whites (44 percent vs. 20 percent) trust the federalgovernment, and more blacks (38 percent) than whites trust thegovernment,” Pew Research writes about the data.Those with a higher rate of government distrust include olderAmericans, independents and Republicans.Distrust in the federal government has seen its highest numbersin the past decade. During former President Bill Clinton’s twoterms in office, Americans increasingly had a favorable view of theUS government. Right before Clinton left office, nearly 60 percentof Americans trusted the US government, while only 40 percent hadlost faith. Trust was also particularly high, nearing 80 percent,during former President John F. Kennedy’s term.But not only has trust in the federal government steadilydeclined since Obama took office, but public perception has alsogone down, particularly among Democrats. Only 33 percent ofAmericans have a positive opinion of the federal government and 69percent said that Washington should only conduct operations thatcan’t be handled by individual states.“Since Barack Obama’s first year in office, publicassessments of the federal government dropped nine points,”Pew’s press release stated, citing findings from a survey conductedin April of 2012. “Most of the change was among Democrats andindependents, as the level of favorable views of government amongRepublicans was already low.”Pew Research found that the highest favorability ratings were oflocal governments that were closest to Americans’ homes. More than60 percent of Americans said they had a favorable view toward theirlocal government, with 52 percent having faith in their stategovernment.But over the past decade, favorability ratings of federal, stateand local governments have all been on the decline, during both theBush and Obama administrations.

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Three-quarters of Americans distrust the government

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