Three suffocate spending night in snowed-in car in Siberia

5926car dead cold russia Three suffocate spending night in snowed in car in Siberia

Apparently, the passengers were trying to warm up in the vehicleby leaving the engine running and closing windows, which led toasphyxiation.There were four people in the car on their way back from afishing trip, RIA Novosti reports citing police.The men spent the night in the vehicle, and then one of themwent to the nearby village to get help. When he returned, hisfellow passengers were dead.The temperature in the area was below -15 degrees Celsius at thetime of the incident.Four other people died in the region, also after asphyxiating intheir car due to a technical glitch in the vehicle’s heatingsystem.Over the weekend, heavy snowstorms, strong winds, and blizzardsparalyzed traffic across Siberia. Emergency workers are now workingto tackle the situation.


Three suffocate spending night in snowed-in car in Siberia

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