Top ten new Swedish words of 2012

Words inspired by Swedish footballer stars and cake-eating ministers are among the newest words taken up by the Swedish language this year, according the annual list published on Thursday by the Swedish Language Council (Sprkrdet).’Opinion Taliban’, ‘tree murder’ make 2011 new Swedish word list (29 Dec 11)
Swedish government flouts English email ban (16 Mar 11)
Universities quizzed over English requirement (23 Mar 10)

Several words on the list are either direct imports from English, or a variation of an English word, explained Per-Anders Jande at the Language Council to The Local.The list, which is published annually by the Council, included forty new words this year – many of which were inspired by current events and created by Swedish wordsmiths.CLICK HERE FOR THE LOCALS TOP TEN NEW SWEDISH WORDS”We want to show that language is a result of an ongoing democratic process in which we all participate. Every single person who speaks Swedish helps to create and lend new words,” Jande said in a statement.This year’s word list includes a play on the word “hen”, the Swedish gender neutral pronoun that sparked debate throughout the year, plus words reflecting Swedes’ increasing addiction to electronic devices, and words about the perils and rages of the daily commute.But not all words stem from English and technology – one striking word is Zlatanera – a verb formed from the name of star Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic.”Zlatanera came from French originally. Hes playing in France now, and thats where the word was constructed. We’ve borrowed it into Swedish,” explained Jande to The Local.”But its possible that it might make it into the English language as well.”Of the forty top words, we selected out favourite ten: click here to read more – starting from number ten…

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Top ten new Swedish words of 2012

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