Tucker Carlson, you’re no Andrew Breitbart!

8ed0mf Tucker Carlson, you’re no Andrew Breitbart!

Strangely, the night before the latest humiliation of The Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson — by a Washington Post report that the Caller’s key source for its “scoop” that Sen. Robert Mendendez patronized prostitutes now says the Web site paid him to find women who would lie about it  — I watched the documentary “Hating Breitbart,” a hagiographic 90 minutes of the late Andrew Breitbart ranting, vamping and raging for the admiring camera of his friend Andrew Marcus.I wasn’t going to write about it, not because I hate Breitbart – I didn’t, and don’t – but because sadly, it’s kind of slight. It doesn’t do justice to its outsized subject, however much it worships him. But the Carlson news juxtaposed with the documentary reminded me how much more talented Breitbart was than the pale imitators he left behind – as well as how much his rage-fueled, by-any-means-necessary character assassination posing as journalism lives on, albeit ineptly.Continue Reading…


Tucker Carlson, you’re no Andrew Breitbart!

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