Turkey police crush protests in Ankara, Istanbul (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

96815 Turkey police crush protests in Ankara, Istanbul (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

In Ankara protesters gathered in front of the US Embassy throwing rocks and shooting fireworks at police who were trying to disperse them. Numerous injuries have been reported as riot police used tear gas and water cannon and pushed protesters back with batons. Fresh clashes also erupted in Istanbul and the major western city of Izmir, as well as the city of Adana in the south. In Istanbul’s western Gazi neighborhood rioters hurled projectiles and taunted police, AFP reported. Demonstrations calling for the resignation of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan have been held in 78 cities across the country for 10 successive days. The possibility of an early election was ruled out on Saturday after Erdogan’s AK Party said that “the government is running like clockwork.” “There is nothing that necessitates early elections,” said deputy chairman of the AKP Huseyin Celik as cited by Reuters. “The world is dealing with an economic crisis and things are going well in Turkey. Elections are not held because people are marching on the streets.” On Sunday, during an address to a pro-government rally in Adana, Erdogan has urged AKP supporters to teach the anti-government demonstrators “a lesson.” “There are just seven months left until the local elections. I want you to teach them a lesson through democratic means at the ballot box,” Erdogan told a cheering crowd.

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Turkey police crush protests in Ankara, Istanbul (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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