UBS Chairman Proposes Industry-Wide Libor Settlement

(Reuters) – UBS Chairman Axel Weber raised the possibility of an industry-wide settlement for the rest of the banks involved in the Libor rate fixing scandal at a meeting of top bankers in Davos, sources familiar with the matter said.Among the top bankers and officials present at the meeting on Thursday were Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney, JP Morgan Chase Chief Executive Jamie Dimon, Citigroup CEO Mike Corbat and HSBC Chairman Douglas Flint. Carney is due to take over as head of the Bank of England later this year.Swiss bank UBS reached a $1.5 billion settlement in December with U.S. and British regulators over its role in the manipulation of the London interbank offered rate, a benchmark used for trillions of dollars of financial instruments ranging from home loans to complex derivative products. It was the second bank to settle, after Britain’s Barclays.Read More…
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UBS Chairman Proposes Industry-Wide Libor Settlement

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