UK hero’s WWII medals on sale to pay for aged care

f170uk heroes sell medals UK heros WWII medals on sale to pay for aged care

The auction lot includes Branse Burbridge’s medals, flightjacket and flight logs.Once a war hero and a top flyer, Burbridge is 92 and sufferingfrom Alzheimer’s disease. RT’s correspondent Sara Firth met withhis daughter in London.”I said ‘look Dad, these are your medals and we’re sellingthem,” Sarah Christine says, “And there was a smile andthere was a sort of recognition that these were his, so I have nodoubt he has some understanding of what’s happening.”The family expect to raise more than 100,000 pounds at theauction and with their father’s nursing home costs averaging 50,000pounds a year, the money will go a long way to paying for histreatment.Branse Burbridge began the war as a conscientious objector, butended it as arguably one of Britain’s most prolific night-flyersand a decorated war hero.”The story goes that he never aimed for an enemy cockpit – heonly ever aimed for the engines, hoping that maybe lives would besaved, and was always pleased to see a parachute emerge from anenemy plane,” David Erskine, auctioneer from Dix Noonan Webbsays.In the UK, veterans receive a tax-free pension, but withsky-high living and care costs, often that’s not enough andpoliticians have been criticized for abandoning veterans in theirhour of need.It’s estimated that ex-service personnel account for around 1 in10 of the UK’s homeless.Watch RT’s Sara Firth’s report.

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UK hero’s WWII medals on sale to pay for aged care

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