Uncle of slain teen: TMZ “profiting from our loss”

80e4mf Uncle of slain teen: TMZ “profiting from our loss”

When TMZ posted a video depicting the murder of Andre Lowe, a 19-year-old student, his family felt “disbelief and anger,” said his uncle Jason Andrews in an email exchange with Salon. “Knowing that the last two minutes of a family member’s life was being viewed by a family member for entertainment was too much to handle.” TMZ’s paparazzi camera happened upon the crime outside a Los Angeles nightclub; Andre Lowe was not a figure of note like usual TMZ targets Kim Kardashian or Lindsay Lohan, though he was within the site’s titular “Thirty-Mile Zone.”Andrews launched an online petition, which received some 200,000 signatures, to get the site to remove the video. Of TMZ, which usually traffics in celebrity gossip, Andrews wrote: “I understand freedom of press but the line has to be drawn somewhere.” Though Andrews and other family members called the gossip site and left voicemails, he says that no one received any response. After launching the petition, Andrews did get a person on the phone, but was transferred to TMZ’s legal department, which took a message and did not call back.Continue Reading…


Uncle of slain teen: TMZ “profiting from our loss”

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