Uneasy calm on streets of Brazil

59ddmf Uneasy calm on streets of Brazil

59ddmf Uneasy calm on streets of Brazil



Protests continue in Brazil 23/06/2013 08:25 CET
Brazil’s president condemns violence on streets 22/06/2013 06:16 CET
Brazil protests explode into mass demonstrations 21/06/2013 00:55 CET
Massive protests continue across Brazil 21/06/2013 05:36 CET
Young professionals join Sao Paulo protests 21/06/2013 06:47 CET

Thousands of protesters have marched past Rio de Janerio’s Copacabana beach. The violent clashes of last week’s protests have gone but the anger still simmers. Many of the banners and the chants were against legislation which the demonstrators claim will hinder attempts to jail corrupt politicians.

These scenes were repeated in other cities as a new poll in the country revealed 75 percent of the population support the demonstrations. They have become a crucible of discontent for a number of causes including the cost of next year’s football World Cup.

“I want the corrupt ones out of the country. I work for the public ministry and I defend my institution. I want the corruption in this country to continue being investigated,” said Maria Luciente one of the protesters while Jose Helu opined, “The government is afraid of us. We are the owners of Brazil. Brazilians do want to host the World Cup, but not with our public funds.”

One group at the centre of the protests held a meeting in Sao Paulo to outline its future intentions. Last week it forced the authorities to roll back the recent rise in fares on public transport. To date the group has not revealed details of its plans.

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Uneasy calm on streets of Brazil

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