Vice Magazine gives away John McAfee’s location

John McAfee’s time on the lam from Belize police is coming to an end. The eccentric anti-virus mogul is wanted in connection to a murder near his island home and confirmed his current whereabouts in Guatemala Tuesday, following the accidental outing of his location by a Vice Magazine editor.McAfee blogged:I apologize for all of the misdirections over the past few days.  It was not easy to exit Belize and required many supporters in many countries.  I am in Guatemala and will be meeting with Guatemalan officials this morning.  If all goes well I will do a press conference tomorrow. Vice Magazine reporters are indeed with me in Guatemala.  Yesterday was chaotic due to the accidental release of my exact co-ordinates by an unseasoned technician at Vice headquarters.Continue Reading…

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Vice Magazine gives away John McAfee’s location

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