Virginia GOP sneaks through gerrymandering bill on MLK Day

While a Democratic legislator and civil rights lawyer was in Washington, D.C. celebrating inauguration day, Virginia’s state Republican party quietly pushed through a redistricting bill that Democrats say will help the GOP gain the majority in the state Senate in 2015.Evan McMorris-Santoro of TPM reports:With [state Sen. Henry] Marsh’s absence, Senate Republicans in Richmond had one more vote than Senate Democrats and could push the measure through. The new redistricting map revises the districts created under the 2011 map and would take effect before the next state Senate elections in Virginia and would redraw district lines to maximize the number of safe GOP seats.Currently, the state Senate is split evenly, 20-20, between Democrats and Republicans. But in the event of a tie, Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, a Republican, gets a vote, and Republicans were not sure he would have gone their way (a spokesman for Bolling told the Richmond Times-Dispatch that the Republicans’ move “is not something that he supported.”)Continue Reading…

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Virginia GOP sneaks through gerrymandering bill on MLK Day

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