Virginia governor’s race exposes GOP civil war

d1eemf Virginia governor’s race exposes GOP civil war

Virgina’s governor race has become a reflection of the larger rift within the Republican Party, with the ultra-conservative presumptive nominee Ken Cuccinelli alienating mainstream Republicans and inviting a third-party challenge from the state’s more moderate lieutenant governor.The National Journal reports:Republicans are viewing the governor’s race with increased urgency. Conservatives are turning against popular GOP Gov. Bob McDonnell, who was frequently mentioned as a 2016 presidential candidate. The state limits the governor to one term.  Many of the party’s business allies are breaking with Ken Cuccinelli, the GOP’s nominee for governor, dissatisfied with his focus on polarizing social issues in kicking off his campaign. And the state’s GOP lieutenant governor, Bill Bolling, is openly mulling a third-party bid, which is looking more plausible by the day.Continue Reading…

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Virginia governor’s race exposes GOP civil war

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