Volunteers shore up a glitch-free Nobel evening

Student union representatives form part of the army of volunteers who will makes sure this evening’s Nobel awards ceremony and the ensuing lavish banquet are carried off without a glitch.Nobel etiquette breached for monolingual Mo Yan (10 Dec 12)
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Hilda Dalman is one of them. Dalman works at Stockholm University’s Student Union (SUS). It is her job to organize the union’s traditional events, which traditionally includes helping out at the two Nobel ceremonies.”Tonight, I’ll be handing out the event programmes to the guests, act as a doorman at the Concert Hall, and flank the stairs when the Royal Family descend, she told The Local a few hours before the awards ceremony began. “And thats basically it for the concert hall.”She drew a breath as she recalled the tasks ahead, and they were not limited to the awards ceremony at Stockholm’s sky blue concert hall. As the guests head off toward City Hall, her responsibilities will carry her with them.”I will also flank the staircase at City Hall when the guests of honour walk down to the banquet.”It is not a one-step process to end up helping out at the festivities. First of all, Dalman had to be elected by her fellow students to the student union. Then, once she was in the line-up for potential Nobel volunteers, Dalman and her peers had to show up on time for each one of the four rehearsals.”Theyll replace you if you show up late just once,” she explained. If timekeeping was key, not posing a security risk was paramount. All students representatives are checked by the Swedish secret service (Spo).Dalman’s choice of clothes was quite easy: she didn’t have a choice. The student representatives have to follow a strict dress code.”I will wear a black dress, because I have to wear a black dress. And I’ll wear white gloves, because I have to wear white gloves.She will also wear a student cap, a blue and yellow sash, and black shoes. None of the representatives are allowed to sport visible and extravagant piercings. I think that the people who have tattoos are usually positioned so that the guests cant spot the ink so easily, Dalman said.Apart from the honour of attending, Dalman is one of the volunteers with a reward in sight after the evening’s chores. The Nobel Nightcap that’s the name of what is probably Stockholm’s most prestigious after-party.Its very exclusive. Basically, you are not allowed in if you’re not a student union member or a Nobel Prize winner.When asked which of the recipients she would like to dance with she smiles and answer Alvin E. Roth.He is the winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics.He seems really laidback. Today, at the rehearsal, he showed up in torn jeans and a knitted cardigan. So, of the winners, I would actually like to dance with him the most.If Dalman doesnt get to dance with him tonight, she will get a second chance on Thursday.It may mark the end of her Nobel duties, but once she is done organizing the unofficial endpoint of the Nobel Week, the Lucia Ball, she might end up taking a twirl with her favourite laureate.One winner always attends the event, and this year it’s a Alvin E. Roth who will attend.”So, thats lucky.”Eric Johanssontwitter.com/thelocalsweden

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Volunteers shore up a glitch-free Nobel evening

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