“Walking Dead” author is OK with AMC’s creative liberties

There is a lot of tension between creators and those who adapt their work into TV and film. Stanislaw Lem was twice disappointed that filmmakers tossed important scientific plot points from his work “Solaris.” Alan Moore hated the film version of his strip “Watchmen” — though Moore hates everything. Stephen King said he would “do everything different” on “The Shining,” even though it was rendered by one of the great filmmakers of all time — Stanley Kubrick — into, arguably, a master work.Robert Kirkman, the co-creator of “Walking Dead,” makes no such claims of AMC’s adaptation of the comic book that made the flesh-eating undead fashionable again. In fact, he embraces the vast differences between “Walking Dead” the television show and “Walk Dead” the comic book.”Oftentimes, I’m the one driving it,” Kirkman told me.The differences between the TV show and the comic were apparent as soon as the show debuted on Oct. 30, 2010.Continue Reading…


“Walking Dead” author is OK with AMC’s creative liberties

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