What is Jeb Bush thinking?

The reaction to former Florida governor Jeb Bush’s seeming flip-flop-flip on immigration has left many observers with the same reaction: What is he thinking?Bush had been a longtime proponent of comprehensive immigration reform, so when he came out against a pathway to citizenship in his new book, there were questions.“Jeb’s immigration book roll-out reminds me of song: ‘How could something so right, go so wrong?’” Tweeted Ana Navarro, a Bush-ally who led Hispanic outreach for John McCain’s presidential campaign. “I’m confident Jeb will clarify.”And this morning, clarify he did, if you can call it that. Within hours of the book’s official release Tuesday, Bush was already backtracking on the path to citizenship claim. “We wrote this book last year, not this year,” he said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” noting that there has since been an emerging bipartisan consensus on reform.“I don’t have a problem with a pathway to citizenship,” he explained, walking back the book’s contention. “I don’t see how you do it, but I’m not smart enough to figure out every aspect of a really complex law.”Continue Reading…

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What is Jeb Bush thinking?

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