What Should Online Courses Do With Angry, Suicidal, Oversharing Teenagers?

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If a student threatens to shoot
his classmates (or himself) on the online message board for his
physics class, does that count as a campus threat? ;
That’s just one of the many questions purveyors of massively
open online courses, or MOOCs, are asking themselves. ;
Universities have traditionally been asked to play many roles,
and as the functions of those universities are disaggregated, the
question of who picks up which pieces is a tough one. In truly
massive online courses, like those offered by Coursera, Udacity,
and huge public universities experimenting with online learning,
teachers are not expected to read all the postings in a class
message board. But students still act like students—fighting,
falling in love, chattering about emotional problems, and generally
acting in ways that would be considered inappropriate in other
parts of grown up life.
Inside Higher Ed
talked to some experts:

Scott Plous, a
psychology professor at Wesleyan University, is preparing to teach
more than 70,000 students who signed up for ;his class
through Coursera, one of the popular MOOC providers. Plous, who
worked at a Los Angeles suicide hotline before graduate school, is
now trying to figure out how to monitor the message boards and deal
with students who post hate speech or are threatening violence or
Plous is partially counting on self-policing by users, something
he may talk about in his introductory lecture. For instance, if
someone in a remote village in India is talking about suicide,
Plous hopes other users from India can suggest places to go for

But some students (and parents) want more than that. Can online
schools provide traditional student mental health services? Should
One thing I’m looking forward to is a disaggregation of the
babysitting and educating functions performed by schools at all
levels. If parents want someone to step in in loco to keep an eye
on their volatile teenager, why not let them pay for that service
For all the same reasons that it seems silly to pay someone with
a master’s degree ;$80,000 a year to supervise 5-year-olds at
recess, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to build psychological
supervision into the job of a P.hD. economist trying to impart the
principles of supply and demand to tens, hundreds, or millions of
students. Why not try a model where 18-year-olds who want to get
out the house while they pursue a degree shack up in hostels with
cooks and counselors while getting their intellectual jollies from
an entirely different purveyor? ;
One bonus: Older students who want to enroll will not have to
put up with the meddling of traditional campus institutions.
Tyler Cowen.

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What Should Online Courses Do With Angry, Suicidal, Oversharing Teenagers?

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One comment on “What Should Online Courses Do With Angry, Suicidal, Oversharing Teenagers?
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