Why is Hef getting hitched?

It looks like those two crazy kids are going to settle down at last. In a relationship marked by more fits and starts than Carrie and Big’s nuptials, 86-year-old media magnate Hugh Hefner and his 26-year-old lady friend Crystal Harris have spent the past few days making some very public noises that they’re back together. Is this yet another attention-getting stunt from the rapidly becoming obsolete Playboy brand, or is this what love conquering all looks like?It’s an unusual twist: The two ended their engagement in 2011, when Harris got cold feet a mere five days before the scheduled nuptials. A Playboy cover featuring “Mrs. Crystal Hefner” had to be hastily slapped with a “Runaway Bride” label. Last summer, however, she moved back into the mansion and confirmed she and Hef were “back together.”Continue Reading…

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Why is Hef getting hitched?

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