Will BlackBerry ever be hip again?

ce7cmf Will BlackBerry ever be hip again?

As I waited Wednesday morning for four different live-blogs to update with nanosecond-by-nanosecond hyper-coverage of Research in Motion’s “Hail Mary pass” to revive the BlackBerry, I found myself wrestling with a classic post-modern technology coverage conundrum. Was BlackBerry’s decision last September to embrace REO Speedwagon’s “Keep On Loving You” as a vow of enduring faith to its all-important app developers an unintentional confirmation that the Blackberry brand is eternally consigned to corporate middle-manager mediocrity, or was it some kind of ironic hipster jujitsu move? Ha ha, wink, wink!

You see, from my cultural vantage point, REO Speedwagon signifies the death of cool and the end of rock and roll. The song “Keep On Loving You” hit number one just two months after Ronald Reagan was inaugurated. Need I say more?

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Will BlackBerry ever be hip again?

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