Will Brennan clear black-opps cloud from White House?

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After the botched first attempt by Obama to put John Brennan incharge of the Counter Intelligence Agency, it took 4 years and anelaborate honey-trap  to get a second shot at hitting thebullseye.Now the counter-terrorism adviser has come back to Langley asthe top spook, he could return the favor to his steadfast protégé:step up to the media & legislative scrutiny of his agency’spast & future, deflect the negative publicity from a besiegedpresident and exonerate him from alleged Hussein-style power-grabambitions.  But does he have the chutzpah to face themusic?The shoo-in confirmation of the Deputy National Security Adviserfor Homeland Security and Counter-terrorism as director of the CIAwas supposed to be low-key non-event, fading into oblivion just assoon as announced.But it didn’t – and  the it’s unlikely to escape thecollective memory of the American people.The public attention span has nothing to do – almost – with thecharacter traits of the new Langley chief inexorably linked withthe White House Nobel Laureate infatuation with the Black Ops,conducted by big boys with the best toys – remotely pilotedaircraft – and rooted in the idealistic notion of ‘no prisonersleft behind’.The fleeting marriage of convenience between the GOPLINS andliberals – ‘the wacko birds on right and left that get the mediamegaphone’, as senator McCain so eloquently described it – tosabotage, again, the nomination of a CIA old hand ,and Obama’sdedicated drone dispatcher, has finally failed.However, this tactical victory over Brennan’s confirmation hasalready cost the US president dearly:  a strategic blowback,unprecedented in scope & scale.Who would have thought that a steamy exchange of bodily fluidsbetween the two West Point graduates, exposed as a Florida femmefatale and her shirtless federal fan, would topple directorPetraeus and the sudden nomination of a new CIA chief wouldreignite a clamoring for transparency about torture and targetedkilling, the agency’s old & new pet projects.The Attorney General has gotten himself trapped into a proxylegal battle to justify the benign dictatorial aspirations of thePOTUS to terminate without prejudice loose cannon US subjects inthe USA and over yonder.John Brenan should come to the rescue and cut that ‘I ain’t nonothing’ Hillbilly posturing: what does it say about the Commanderin Chief when his pick for Spy-in-Chief, after all those years atthe Farm, solemnly claims on camera to the whole world regardingEIT, enhanced interrogation technique, that “I don’t know whatthe facts are or what the truth is”?Is that the kind of plausible deniability a pro like him isexpected to sell to cover the tracks for his former & currentboss at the White House?At the confirmation  hearings, the nominee promised – orjust paid lip service – that if confirmed, it would be ‘one of hishighest priorities …to get his arms around’ the torture managementprogram.For Brennan, the question is no longer ‘if’ but when he’ll comeclean – forget the moral high ground and ethical considerations –on  the efficacy of the nefarious EIT program, exposed by aSenate Intelligence Committee report on detention &interrogation.Well, don’t hold your breath that the Lord of  the Spieswill spill his guts even under duress of truth serum orelectroshock therapy.If Senator McCain doesn’t call his bluff, the two-term presidentwill be guilty by association as the second-hand sidekick of‘Dubya’ Bush in charge of the same flee-bitten CIA – CoerciveInterrogations Agency.Evgeny Khrushchev,RT

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Will Brennan clear black-opps cloud from White House?

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