Will Victoria’s Secret make a mastectomy bra?

70d0mf Will Victoria’s Secret make a mastectomy bra?

Allana Maiden’s mother Debbie has been cancer-free for 21 years and a lifesaving mastectomy is a big reason why. But for more than two decades now, Maiden has watched her mother slog through speciality catalogues to buy “cancer bras” that can accomodate her breast prothesis. They are often ugly, and ill-fitting, since she can’t try them on in person. It’s a process that is “discouraging, time consuming and frustrating” for mother and daughter, Maiden writes.

So she did what most young people who want to do things in the world now do: started an Internet petition. Maiden’s is using Change.org to call on mega-retailer Victoria’s Secret to produce a mastectomy bra for the mass market:

So many of us have mothers, daughters, and friends who have faced breast cancer. These inspiring women who have had mastectomy surgery as part of their treatment deserve to feel beautiful, too.

Victoria’s Secret is known for helping women feel confident and comfortable. Please celebrate the strength and hope of the survivors in our lives with a “Survivor” line of mastectomy bras.

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Will Victoria’s Secret make a mastectomy bra?

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