Will you #ДАНСwithme? How Bulgarian protesters are using social media

01e9mf Will you #ДАНСwithme? How Bulgarian protesters are using social media

01e9mf Will you #ДАНСwithme? How Bulgarian protesters are using social media



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Every large protest now has the corresponding hashtags and key-word on social media: Tunisia has #Jan14, Egypt has #Jan26, the recent Turkish protests used #occupygezi.

After five days of streets protests in Bulgaria, #ДАНСwithme appears as the central hashtag, along with #Bulgaria, naturally, around which tweets, videos, blogposts and messages about the demonstrations all gravitate.

The #ДАНСwithme hasghtag is a play on words: ДАНС is, in Bulgarian, the acronym of the State Agency for National Security, the nation’s secret service. The protests were sparked with the controversial appointment, now cancelled, of businessman and MP Delyan Peevski as the new head of the State Agency for National Security (ДАНС or DANS in the Latin alphabet).

And #ДАНСwithme simply sounds like “Dance with me”.

When protests succeed- a new victory for Bulgarian street anger

Protesters used the Internet, using both blogs and social media, to voice their anger and let the world know of the situation in Bulgaria, from their point of view.

In a blogpost asking “What’s happening in Bulgaria?” and that went viral on Wednesday, Bulgarian Georgi Marinov gives an answer, in his own words: “People are out in the streets, protesting. All major cities — Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas — six days and counting, tens of thousands of Bulgarians rallying for change, demanding that the incompetent “expert” government steps down, and that parliament is dissolved.”

“We demand our dignity back,” he adds, before asking for support from his online audience. “Just don’t look the other way, until Sofia is in flames,” he concludes.

Marinov also live-tweets the protests in the streets of Sofia:

After the streets, the protests spread to social media

On Youtube, some take the Dance With Me motto quite literally:

The video sharing platform has been used since the beginning of the demonstrations:

On Tumlbr, photo albums of the protests are the most shared posts with the #ДАНСwithme tag, as it suits the aesthetically inclined social blogging platform recently bought by Yahoo for 1 bn+ euros.

With the newly set-up Facebook hashtags, #ДАНСwithme is also a hot topic. Discussions are going strong around articles, photos and status updates traditionally used for keeping in touch with relatives and friends.

Of course, when it comes to hashtags, micro-blogging platform Twitter is still king. It is Twitter actually who first adopted the hashtag on its platform.

For example, Sabina Panayotova’s Storify

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Will you #ДАНСwithme? How Bulgarian protesters are using social media

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