With non-response, Obama continues war on weed

Nearly two months ago, after my fellow Coloradans voted to legalize marijuana in our state, I filed a simple White House petition that garnered headlines and enough signatures to mandate an official substantive response from the president’s staff. The request in the petition, which you can read here, was not that the president support a new federal law imposing pot legalization on all states. Instead, I and eventually 46,000 other people asked the president to merely support new bipartisan congressional legislation to change federal law so that it formally permits states — if they choose — to end the war on pot within their borders.Late last night, the White House finally decided to respond by deploying its drug czar, Gil Kerlikowske, to make some serious news. The same drug czar who once declared that “legalization is not in my vocabulary nor is it in the president’s vocabulary” now concedes that America is “in the midst of a serious national conversation about marijuana.”Continue Reading…

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With non-response, Obama continues war on weed

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