YouTube’s court of no appeal

af03mf YouTube’s court of no appeal

It’s an all too common sad refrain of our free-Web-service-dependent lifestyles. Something goes awry, and no matter how hard we try, there just isn’t any way to get an actual human being to pay attention.Sometimes our very livelihoods are threatened.Such is the story told by the comedy/rock band Fortress of Attitude. Last November the comedy group uploaded their breakthrough video, “P.S. Gay Car” (and yes, it’s funny, you should watch it), to YouTube. A month later, Google yanked it. The only explanation: a form letter accusing the owner of the Fortress of Attitude account of having employed some form of automated system to boost traffic. The consequence: a struggling comedy/rock band denied exposure in the world’s biggest content distribution network.Pat Stango, owner of the account in question, vehemently denies employing any artificial traffic generating tricks. He also managed to find a law firm that would help him, pro bono, in his attempt to appeal Google’s decision. But despite multiple efforts, Stango’s pleas for Google to fix its mistake haven’t managed to generate anything more than a series of form letter responses.Continue Reading…

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YouTube’s court of no appeal

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